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  The drama unfolds...
Episode 243 "Kneel Down & Obey"; April 20, 2014

Something that she tries to keep very secret, although since she's been in Twin Peaks she has been telling more and more people only because they have a connection to Dave. She just hopes that everyone believes her. The story of Dave stealing her baby can be a little overwhelming to her and with him dead, there's no one to back up her claims.

She turns around with her coffee to walk to the coffee bar and freezes in her tracks with who she sees at the bar already. She walks up quickly and sets up cup down. "Hello Patricia, long time no see," Savannah announces as she grabs a couple of sugar packages.

Madeline looks up in horror at the sight of Savannah. She arches her eyebrow. "Savannah Pherson? What the hell are you doing in Twin Peaks?

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